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Saint Paul Commodities began with a vision for a better way to do business.


Though other companies buy and sell used cooking oil (yellow grease) and animal fats, like poultry fat, choice white grease, and tallow, their attention to after the sale logistics and customer satisfaction was never a priority.


Since 2007, Saint Paul Commodities has distinguished itself by their world-class logistics and customer service. Such careful attention and resources given to logistics have made a difference that customers notice. We deliver high quality product on time at a fair price.


Even though the markets have been unsteady over the past few years, our vision has paid off. Saint Paul Commodities has become a leader in the industry and continues to grow each year.



Saint Paul Commodities Team

B. Shane Grutsch




Shane Grutsch Photo

B. Shane Grutsch is President at Saint Paul Commodities, which he founded in 2007. Shane has been in the fats and oils world for the past decade and built the business by providing excellent customer service to his customers and suppliers. He was on the front end of the biodiesel wave in the US, marketing used cooking oil for biofuels as early as 2002. He has been responsible for many of the innovations in the industry and prides himself on finding new ways to make life easier for his clients. He also is President and co-founder of Greentree Logistics, a start-up logistics company specializing in bulk liquid transportation. Shane lives in Greenfield, MN with his wife, Katie, and their sons, Zachary and Samuel.


Abbey Van Vynckt, CPA




Abbey Van Vynckt Photo

Abbey Van Vynckt joined the team at Saint Paul Commodities in May 2012. Abbey is a certified public accountant who spent over 8 years in public accounting performing assurance and tax services for a variety of clients in the construction and real estate industry, as well as auditing employee benefit plans. Abbey obtained her Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a minor in Economics. Abbey is a member of the AICPA and MN Society of CPA's. Abbey lives in Bemidji, MN with her husband, Joe, and their two children, Harper and Joey.


Mike Weidt

Sales & Marketing



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Mike Weidt joined the Saint Paul Commodities team in February 2015. A graduate from the University of Saint Thomas, Mike spent his first three years in business as an account executive for a transportation management company before joining the commodities industry. Along with his sales background, he brings a strong work ethic and a focus on forging long-term business relationships to the Saint Paul Commodities trading team. Mike, an avid Minnesota sports fan, lives in St. Paul, MN and enjoys watching & playing sports year-round.



Sue Archer

Sales & Marketing



Susan Archer Photo

Sue Archer joined the team at Saint Paul Commodities in January 2010. Her main objectives were to establish long-term freight relationships, to implement process improvements and controls, and to take the degree of service for Saint Paul Commodities to the highest possible level. In June 2012, she moved from her operations role to become a part of the sales and trading team. Her main focus is on weekly scheduled trading, existing account growth and management, contract management, system controls, and assistance in facilitating new business growth. Sue is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – River Falls and has a double major in Business Administration and Economics. Sue has been a member of the National Association of Purchasing Management-Twin Cities and the Institute for Supply Management since 2006. Sue lives in Farmington, MN with her husband, Don, and their two children, Evan and Olivia.


Tim Norman

Sales & Marketing



Tim Norman Photo

Tim Norman joined Saint Paul Commodities in 2011. He spent the first 20 years of his career in the food manufacturing business in sales and marketing and has been in the fats and oils business for the last five years including working in the used cooking oil collections sector and in the trading of fats and oils. Tim is a resident of Batavia, Illinois along with his wife of 27 years, Deb, and his two children, Jake and Abbey.


Steve Haider

Sales & Marketing



Tim Norman Photo

Steve Haider joined Saint Paul Commodities in 2013.  He brings with him over 15 years of experience in agricultural commodities.  After graduating from the University of Saint Thomas, Steve spent his first 13 years working in the rendering industry in various sales and management positions.  Since that time, Steve has been trading a variety of ag commodities with a primary focus on the fats and oils sector.  Steve leverages his market knowledge and vast experience in the fats and oils industry to add value for his customers.  With a passion for sales and customer service, Steve takes pride in creating mutually beneficial relationships.  Steve resides in St. Paul, MN with his wife, Theresa, and 3 children, Samantha, Max, and Nathan.


Saint Paul Commodities is a member of the American Fats and Oils Association.




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Ingenuity matters:

Saint Paul Commodities was one of the nation's first companies to sell options on yellow grease.

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Industry Facts:

The National Biodiesel Board estimates that for every 100 million gallons of biodiesel that is produced from algae, 16.455 jobs will be created and $1.461 billion will be added to the Gross Domestic Product.


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